The Thermo ScientificTM RamseyTM Model 90-100 heavy duty weighbelt feeder offers accurate weighfeeding of a variety of demanding industrial applications with high feed rates. Its endless belt design allows the belt to be changed with minimum downtime, and its heavy duty construction provides larger pulleys and a very sturdy and rugged frame for increased accuracy, augmenting the performance of your process and improving your bottom line.

The precision manufacturing of the tilt probe provides sensing of a 15 degree inclination in a full 360 degrees of direction. Multiple models of the tilt probe are available for applications with a wide variety of materials and environmental conditions (see inside for a description of the available options). All probes have fully encapsulated electronics and come with the necessary mounting hardware.

The field-mount control unit includes the traditional green “Normal” and red “Alarm” indicators with LED illuminators (a DIN mount control is also available). The DPDT relay contacts give you two normally open and two normally closed connections for your external alarms and/or controls. An internal jumper allows you to select whether “Normal” is a horizontal or a tilted position. An adjustable time delay inside the control prevents a momentary tilting of the probe from causing a false or premature contact transfer. Interruption of line power will cause a contact transfer.

Precise feeding of process materials is often critical to maintaining product quality. A feeder that weighs accurately and reliably can reduce material waste, help maintain blend consistency and increase profits.

We have over 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing weighbelt feeders. Every feeder is designed to meet the specific needs of the application. We work closely with our customers to ensure that each system meets their expectations for performance and dependability.

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 90-100 weighbelt feeder is designed for very demanding industrial applications with high feed rates and heavy loading requirements. It accommodates flow rates up to 816 metric tons (900 tons) per hour, and belt loadings up to 446.5 kg/m (300 lb/ft).


  • Heavy duty construction accommodates heavy loading
  • Designed for demanding weighing application
  • Open, partially enclosed or fully enclosed construction
  • Variable or constant speed motor
  • Proven reliability
  • Customized designs to fit your application

Theory of Operation

Material is fed onto the feeder through an inlet feed section equipped with a manually adjustable vertical slide gate to control material height. The scale carriage/weighbridge assembly contains a strain gauge load cell that measures the gravitational force of the material and converts this force measurement into an electrical output signal proportional to belt loading.

A digital speed sensor continuously monitors the belt speed and sends a representative signal to the electronics.

The microprocesser-based Thermo ScientificTM RamseyTM Micro-Tech electronics completes the weighing system by integrating the signals from the scale load cell and the speed sensor to produce an instantaneous rate. The electronics also provide an output signal to enable additional control and monitoring of the weighbelt feeder.

If your interest is in blending or batching applications, the Ramsey Micro-Tech electronics is also available in a feeder controller version that allows the user to regulate the speed of the feeder. We manufacture a complete line of weighbelt feeders so you can be confident that we have a product to fit your application.

Features and Benefits

The Ramsey Model 90-100 heavy duty weighbelt feeder incorporates our highly respected Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 30 or Thermo Scientific Ramsey IDEA single-idler, pivotless weighframes for the accurate measurement of your bulk materials. Other special features and benefits include:

  • Endless Belt Design: Extendable legs are included to permit easy replacement of the feeder’s endless belt with minimum downtime.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: Larger pulleys and a very rugged, heavy-duty frame make this an ideal feeder for difficult, high-rate applications.
  • Choice of Belt Widths: Available in several belt widths from 457 mm (18 in) to 1,829 mm (72 in) and longer.
  • Various Feeder Lengths: Customize your feeder length to fit your application, from 2,134 mm (7 ft) to 6,096 mm (20 ft) and longer.
  • Speed Drives: Choose from constant speed or variable speed drives.
  • Structure Design: Choose from open, partially open, or fully enclosed designs
  • Other Available Options: Drag-type bottom clean out, belt misalignment switches and safety pull switches.


  • Top covers
  • Side covers
  • Bottom covers
  • Scavenger clean-out
  • Variable speed drives
  • Flow/no-flow switches
  • Run-off switches
  • Safety pull switches
  • Plugged chute switches
  • Class 1 and 2 rated units
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Liners
  • High temperature belts
  • Shut-off/maintenance gates