Reference Weights for Calibration of Mass Standards

High-grade stainless steel knob and wire reference weights in class "E0" - with a higher accuracy than OIML class E1 weights - enable calibration of mass standards with the highest metrological performance.

Calibration Certificates

To produce “E0” weights, METTLER TOLEDO hand-selects the best E1 weights which are then calibrated by an NMI with an uncertainty of 1/5*MPE (E1). These reference weights are delivered with an NMI calibration certificate.

Microgram Weights for Specialized Applications

Microgram weights and weight sets (50 µg to 500 µg) are used predominantly for scientific research and calibration. They also support general industrial research in areas where instrument calibration with milligram weights is not sufficiently accurate.

Nifty Tools

Handling microgram weights can be a challenge. A specially developed set of tools makes routine use easy and ensures safe and proper handling. It is a simple matter to lift the weights from the magazine and place them on a robotic or manual balance. 

Intelligent Concept

A fully developed system with unique, specially designed tools simplifies the whole measuring process and sets a complete new standard for smart handling. This system includes:

  • a special handling tool
  • an acclimatization magazine
  • a protective aluminum container, and ceramic tweezers

Standard Specifications

Model Material No. Nominal Value Calibration Certificate
Microgram weight single 0.05mg
0.05 mg No
Microgram weight single 0.1mg
0.1 mg No
Microgram weight single 0.2mg
0.2 mg No
Microgram weight single 0.05mg
0.05 mg No
Microgram weight single 0.05mg C
0.05 mg Yes
Microgram weight single 0.1mg C
0.1 mg Yes
Microgram weight single 0.2mg C
0.2 mg Yes
Microgram weight single 0.5mg C
0.5 mg Yes