• Stainless is ideal for corrosive or wash down applications.
  • Painted steel is best for dry environment. Choose from Smooth or Pattern Safety plate surface.


  • Rocker foot for standard applications.
  • Rocker Pin for increased accuracy and mechanically tough applications.


  • Basic Analog takes longer to calibrate and install but has been trusted for years.
  • SICSPro digital interface eliminates errors due to environmental influences and includes factory calibration to ensure easy and quick installation.
  • Cable-Free includes all the benefits of SICSPro plus a wireless interface and impressive 2 year battery life.

Load Cell

  • SLB415 Nickel plated, hermetic, and IP67 rated. Best for dry environments and heavy duty applications.
  • 0745A Premium 17-4 stainless, hermetic, IP68, IP69K. Best for harsh environments, wash-down, chemicals, and heavy duty applications.