System Configuration

SLP5 is a powerful server/client PLU management Windows based PC software. It completes the UNI-3 series and takes it to new heights. The SLP5 software, the 5th generation of the ScaleLink family software, is freely configurable to make it as simple as possible to the end-user to keep data up-to-date and synchronized on all scales in the system. Supporting mdb or SQL type databases, the GUI is by far one of the most user-friendly software in the retail scale business.

UNI-3 L1 and UNI-3 L2

The UNI-3 model variants are available with two display types: The UNI-3 L1 models, have a blue backlite display with sharp white 16-segment display capable of showing momentarily the PLU name and swap to numeric data; The UNI-3 L2 models, come with a two-line green/orange backlite liquid crystal display, one line dot matrix alphanumeric and one line numeric only.


Model Name UNI-3 series
Capacity 6kg/2g, 15kg/5g (Dual range)
30kg/10g (single range)
Power Supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Printing Speed MAX 100mm/sec
Display Information 6-digit weight, battery indicator, decimal point, net weight indicator, stability indicator, minus sign, and unit of measurement
Label Size W 38 mm to 64mm
L 30 mm to 175mm
Printing area W 56mm
Label Roll Size Outer diameter Φ100mm or less
Inner diameter Φ40mm±1mm
Use Conditions Temperature:-5 to 40℃
Humidity:20 to 85%
No condensation
Input / Output LAN x 1
USB x 1
Drawer x 1
  • Accuracy and Consistency

    Accurate weighing and repeatability is fundamental for every customer.

  • High Quality Display

    Bright blue backlight and white 16-segment display or green/orange backlight LCD

  • Memory Expansion

    External memory may be added via USB in case of memory expansion for PLU database and/or transaction data

  • Easy Operation

    Simple and convenient operation to call up and program a PLU.

  • High Speed Label and Ticket Print Quality

    Printing of labels or receipt with pre-set printing speed and thermal head darkness adjustment.