IND131/IND331 Weighing Terminals

This versatile weighing terminal enables precise and efficient control of tasks from basic weighing to filling and dosing for any industry.

  • Easy to Use

    Bright OLED display provides good readability under varying lighting conditions

  • Compact

    Small footprint for either panel mount or din rail use

  • Versatile Connectivity

    Support multiple PLC fieldbus, DIO, serial interface

  • Optimized target control

    Two-speed material transfer capability

  • Suitable for Hazardous Areas

    Zone 2/22 and Division 2 approved

IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminals

The multiple-channel IND780 runs and sums up to four scales t meet any process- or trasaction-based weighing apllication for maximum productivity.

  • Flexible

    Multiple scale, I/O and communication options

  • Advanced

    Ethernet, USB and SQL data replication for powerful system integration

  • Fast

    Quick multi-processor for weight comparisons

  • Performance-driven

    Repeatable results for up to four scales

  • Intelligent

    Custom programmable with ability to interface directly with SQL database applications

  • Suitable for Hazadous Areas

    Zone 2/22 and Division 2 approved

IND570 and IND570xx Weighing Terminal

Designed for performance and versatility, the IND570 terminal is easy to integrate into industrial weighing systems and processes.

  • Versatile Options

    Ethernet, serial, I/O, PLC interface, and USB allow for integration with many peropheral devices to create a complete system

  • Flexible Control Options

    Supports multiple fieldbus types and both internal and external I/O for automated control of material transfer equipment

  • Ready for Filling & Dosing

    Both simple target control as well as advanced automated sequences provide productivity enhancement capabilities

  • Integrated Preformance Monitoring

    A variety of diagnotics and asset management functions provide insight into equipment operation

  • Zone 2/22 and Division 2

    Versions available for use in hazardous areas