The Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Series 20 belt scale system monitors feed to crushers, mills, screens and other processes with an accuracy of ±0.5%, even in the harshest applications. The Ramsey Series 20 lets you monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.

Designed for general in-plant belt conveyor weighing applications in the most demanding industrial environments, the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 20 belt scale system lets you control feed rates to crushers, mills, screens and other processes with incredible accuracy. It can monitor production output and inventory, or control product loadout, while providing vital information for the management and operation of your business.

The Ramsey Series 20 combines the provenreliability and versatility of the following Thermo Scientific products: Ramsey 10-20 single idler or Ramsey 10-22 dual idler weighbridge and the Ramsey 60-12 belt speed sensor with the advanced electronics in the Ramsey Micro-Tech 9000 series of electronic integrators.

For more information, refer to the separate product specification sheet on the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Micro-Tech series of electronic integrators.

Easy Installation

Easy to install, indoors or out, on fixed or portable conveyors, the rugged construction of the Ramsey Series 20 allows for installation in the harshest applications at a variety of locations.

The Weighbridge

Rigid and rugged, the Thermo Scientific Ramsey 10-20 and 10-22 weighbridges remain permanently aligned within the conveyor frame. This one-piece, drop-in style weighbridge is completely assembled at the factory and is quickly and easily installed and aligned properly on the conveyor. It is designed to provide additional stiffening and support to minimize conveyor deflection.

Both the single and the dual-idler models offer three-point suspension and employ trunnion-type, frictionless pivots. These sealed units are impervious to vibration, moisture and product build-up, which eliminates problems commonly associated with knife edges and bearings.

Ramsey Series 10-20 Weighbridge

The Ramsey Series 10-20 weighbridge has a slim profile to minimize material build-up, has no moving or wearing parts and utilizes precision strain-gauge load cell(s) applied in tension to guarantee load cell alignment and accuracy. The series 10-20 is available with an optional counterweighted carriage for light belt loading applications or in a two idler or two load cell configuration to accommodate special applications.

Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101 Scale Integrator

The Ramsey Micro-Tech 9101 scale integrator incorporates advanced electronic design for improved performance and serviceability. This fifth-generation electronics enables you to accurately weigh your material and monitor your process.

Ramsey 60-12 Belt Speed Sensor

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey 60-12 digital belt speed sensor is the most reliable and accurate speed-sensing device ever developed for belt scale service. Designed with a rugged, cast-aluminum housing suitable for outdoor installations it contains an AC pulse generator that doesn’t have any brushes to adjust or replace. Direct-coupling the sensor to the conveyor tail pulley, snubbing roll, or a large diameter return roller ensures an accurate belt-travel readout. No wheels ride on the belt, which eliminates problems related to material build-up and slippage.

Performance Guarantee

On factory-approved installations, we warrant that the Ramsey Series 20 belt scale system will weigh and totalize to a value within ±0.5% of the test value when calibrated against a known test weight, chain, or our standard electronic calibration