The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 14 precision belt scale system is specifically designed for high accuracy or basis-of-payment applications requiring certification by government and regulatory agencies. It is extremely accurate to within +/-0.125% and is the most widely certified belt scale in the world. This precision belt scale system lets you monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout, while providing vital information for the effective management and efficient operation of your business.

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 14 precision belt scale system is specifically designed for high-accuracy or basis-ofpayment applications requiring certification by government and regulatory agencies.

The Ramsey Series 14 belt scale system incorporates the Thermo Scientific Ramsey 10-14 low-deflection, full-floating unitized weighbridge and the Thermo Scientific Ramsey 61-12C Belt Speed Sensor. Both are well-proven on hundreds of precision belt weighing installations.

It also utilizes the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Micro-Tech 2301 electronic integrator and the Thermo Scientific Ramsey 2301-D load cell exciter/digitizer, which are the products of 50 years of design and application experience with high-accuracy belt scales.


This highly precise belt scale system represents the world standard of accuracy and performance for loadout, inventory monitoring and fee-holder type applications requiring certification.

Features & Benefits


As the most widely certified electronic belt scale in the world, the Ramsey Series 14 has received its Certificate of Conformance in the United States as issued under the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) of the National Conference on Weights and Measures. Outside of the US, it is certified by OIML and EEC Class 0.5 standards.

System Components

The system has four major components: integrator, weighbridge, belt speed sensor and load cell digitizer. For more information, refer to the separate product specification sheet on the Ramsey Micro-Tech 2000 series of electronic integrators.

The Weighbridge

Three- or four-idler suspension-type Ramsey 10-14 weighbridges feature full-floating unitized assemblies with no pivots and no moving parts.

All weighbridges are constructed of structural steel tubing and are factory pre-assembled with checkrods to facilitate fast and easy field installation. Only eight bolts are required to mount the unit to conveyor stringers. Four environmentally-sealed precision strain gauge load cell assemblies are applied in tension to support the weighbridge.

The Belt Speed Sensor

The Ramsey 61-12C digital belt speed sensor is the most reliable and accurate speed-sensing device ever developed for belt scale service. Direct-coupling the sensor to the conveyor tail pulley, snubbing roll, or a large diameter return roller ensures an accurate belt-travel readout. No wheels ride on the belt, which eliminates problems related to material build-up and slippage.

The Exciter/Digitizer

The Ramsey 2301-D load cell exciter/ digitizer serves as an interface from the Ramsey 10-14 weighbridge to the Ramsey Micro-Tech 2000 integrator. The unit powers the load cells and converts the analog output signals from the strain gauge load cells to an accurate, stable digital output, which provides extraordinary temperature stability. And because the output signal is digitized at the load cell, line loss is virtually eliminated and signal integrity is maintained. This unique feature is particularly important in applications where the integrator is located up to 1,219 m (4,000 ft) from the carriage.

Weighbridge Advantages
  • Microprocessor-based control unit
  • Receiver coil
  • Generator coil
  • Support frame

Optional Equipment

  • Rigid structural steel tubing construction with checkrods maintains positive alignment
  • No moving or wearing parts lead to a longer life span
  • No adjustments needed
  • Factory pre-assembled and easily installed
  • Four strain gauge load cells applied in tension
  • Full-floating, pivotless weigh platform
Belt Speed Sensor Advantages
  • Rugged, cast-aluminum housing suitable for outdoor installations
  • A.C. pulse generator means no brushes to adjust or replace
Exciter/Digitizer Advantage
  • Housed in a NEMA 4 or 9 steel enclosure
  • No adjustments or calibration required
  • Digital accuracy
  • Extraordinary temperature stability

Performance Guarantee

On factory-approved installations, we warrant that the Ramsey Series 14 precision belt scale system will weigh and totalize to a value within ±0.125% of the test load at flow rates between 25% and 100% of the scale system’s calibrated capacity when calibrated against an actual weighed material test. Furthermore, we warrant that the scale system will repeat to within 0.1% of consecutively run, simulated calibration tests.