Ramsey™ Loss-In-Weight and Volumetric Feeders

Monitoring & Sampling

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Accurately control the flow of powders, pellets, flakes or granules to critical processes using the Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Loss-In-Weight and Volumetric Feeders. The Ramsey Loss-In-Weight and Volumetric Feeders handle hot, floodable and difficult material. They are unaffected by dust and material accumulation. These feeders maintain quality and weighing accuracy by reducing material waste and improving blend consistency.


Product Size -
External Surface Finish Micro-shot blasting
Extraction System Type Double screws
Feeding Reduction Gear Type Screw without aim with adapte
Item Description Loss-in-weight and Volumetric feeders
Pitch Defined according to product characteristics and rate
Product Contact Surface Treatment Mirror polish surface
Certifications/Compliance UL listed

Features and Benefits

  • Low capacity and sanitary versions available
  • Double screw design, well-suited for a variety of applications
  • All parts touch the product's stainless steel construction
  • Rack breaker device to maintain a constant density and a regular and constant flow
  • Variety of helix and screw sizes available to meet a broad range of applications
  • Easily accessible and detachable parts for cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduced contact between material and gaskets, increasing working life and preventing infiltration (and stagnation and contamination) of product in the bearing itself
  • Loss-in-weight system capable of ±0.5% accuracy


Recommended for:

  • Apple (frozen)
  • Arabic gum
  • Blueberry (frozen)
  • Cereal
  • Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Enzymes
  • Flour
  • Hydrated lime
  • Milk in powder
  • Silica
  • Soybean
  • Spinach (powder)
  • Sugar