Ramsey™ IDEA Belt Scale System

Belt Weigher

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Gain rate information and totalization function accuracy of ±1% for processes involving non-critical or lower value materials with the Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ IDEA Belt Scale System. The belt scale system consists of three major elements: the weighing assembly measures the weight of material on the belt, the belt speed sensor and electronic integrator joins the output signals from the scale module and speed sensor to arrive at a rate of material flow and the total material passed over the scale.


Product Size -
Analog Input mV signal from load cell
Analog Outputs Quantity: 1, Type: 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 20-0 mA, 20-4 mA selectable, Maximum Load: 500 ohm, Resolution: 12 bit; 4,096 divisions, Linearity: 0.1%, Insulation: Galvanic; 1,500 Vrms
Cable 6 conductor, shielded, 22 AWG
Communication Ports Quantity: 1, Port: RS 232C for printer use only
Description Ramsey IDEA Belt Scale System
Digital Inputs Quantity: 3, Type: Static; For dry contact or open collector, Insulation: Optical; 2,500 Vrms; UL E67349, Voltage: 14 VDC internal source, Current: 6 mA
Digital Outputs Quantity: 4, Type: Relay; Dry contact; NO, Insulation: Galvanic; 10,000 M-ohm, Max. Voltage: 240 VAC or 48 VDC
Display Type Digital
Enclosure Material Polyester
Enclosure Protection IP65; NEMA-4
Enclosure Size 300 mm (11.81 in.)H x 250 mm (9.84 in.)W x 16 mm (6.3 in.)D
Enclosure Weight 4 kg (8.8 lb.)
Environmental Protection Weather-tight, epoxy finish, cast aluminum
Excitation 10 VDC or VAC
Housing Max. Current: 0.5Å
Input Impendance 380 ohm ±10
Item Description IDEA Belt scale system
Load Cell Construction Welded bending beam-type load cell
Load Cell Output 2 mV/V ±0.1%
Load Cell Rating 3000 d; Meets OIML R60 & NIST HB-44
Load Cell Sizes 20 kg (44 lb.); 50 kg (110 lb.); 100 kg (220 lb.); 200 kg (441 lb.); 250 kg (551 lb.); 500 kg (1102 lb.)
Load Cells Welded bending beam-type load cell
Max. Belt Width 10-101R-1: 914 mm (36 in.); 10-101R-2: 1,524 mm (60 in.)
Max. Gross Load at Rated Capacity 80% of load cell capacity
Min. Net Load at Rated Capacity 15% of load cell capacity
Mounting Hardware Supplied with coupling, restraint arm and restraint spring
Mounting  Direct to 15.88 mm (0.625 in.) diameter stub shaft on tail pulley, bend pulley or return roll
Operating Temperature -10° to +50°C (14° to 122°F)
Output Impendance 350 ohm ±3
Overall Humidity <90%
Overload 150% of rated capacity
Protection IP65; NEMA-4; Internal fuse
Shipping Weight 8 lb.
Storage Temperature -20° to +70°C (-4° to 158°
Temperature Range -10° to +50°C (14° to 122°F)
Type Digital, brushless
Voltage 110 or 220 VAC selectable standard; +10%-15; at 50-60 Hz; 15 VA

Features and Benefits

  • Factory-installed and calibrated overload protection
  • Pivotless design with no linkages to introduce errors
  • No moving or wearing parts to cause potential maintenance problems
  • Compact design for easy installationn and alignment
  • No place for material to build up and cause measurement errors
  • Identical interchangeable scale modules fit any belt width