Ramsey™ Conveyor Protection Switches

Monitoring & Sampling

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Protect your equipment, prevent accidents and reduce unscheduled shutdowns with the Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Conveyor Protection Switches. The run off switch and safety pull cord switch are now available with network addressable modules. Ramsey conveyor safety switches are used for position information, control signals, and to identify potentially hazardous situations with your process equipment. They utilize a rugged, heavy-duty design and are built to last.


Product Size -
Actuating Force (ROS) 5 lb.
Adjustable actuator angle increment 22.5°
Description Conveyor Protection Switches
Enclosure Rating SAS NEMA Type-4X: Yellow poly enamel painted aluminum
SAS Nickel Plated NEMA Type-4X: Nickel plated aluminum
Outputs SAS NEMA Type-4X: 2 or 4 SPDT contacts rated for 6A @ 250 VAC
SAS Nickel Plated NEMA Type-4X: 2 or 4 SPDT contacts rated for 6A @ 250 VA
Pull Force Rating (SPS) 3.63 - 8.16kg (8 - 18 lb.) 
Pull cord lock angle: 15°
Spacing (SPS) SAS NEMA Type-4X: 45.7m (150 ft) spacing between pull cord switches
SAS Nickel Plated NEMA Type-4X: 45.7m (150 ft) spacing between pull cord switches
Temperature Range Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)


Features and Benefits

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Belt Misalignment Switch (Run off Switch)

  • Used  to monitor position and tracking of conveyor belts
  • Mounts on conveyor structure and adjusts so roller arm is the proper distance and angle from outside edge of the belt
  • If belt drifts out of alignment, it contacts the roller actuator arm, which rotates the actuation shaft and triggers the belt misalignment alarm signal


Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Safety Cable Pull Switch (Pull Cord Switch)

  • Used as an emergency shutdown device for conveyors or other equipment
  • Meets OSHA and MSHA requirements for safety shutdown devices
  • Safety pull cables are attached to the actuating arm of the switch
  • Pull cable rotates the actuating arm and actuating shaft if force is applied
  • Switch enters a tripped and locked position at a 20° rotation
  • Actuating shaft has two cams; each cam simultaneously actuates an independent SPDT micro-switch for shutdown and alarm signals


Thermo Scientific™ Ramsey™ Tripper Position Switch

  • Often used to indicate the position of a tripper on a conveyor with multiple discharge points
  • Can be used anywhere a heavy duty limit switch with physical activation is needed