Pharmaceutical Checkweighers

Effective solutions for pharma applications, serialisation and Track & Trace

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Safe Processes for Maximum Product Safety - Solution for a Dynamic Industry

Tighter production tolerances and cost pressure while at the same time ensuring the safety of products and manufacturing processes require solutions to be neutrally balanced between productivity, OEE and reliability. Dynamic checkweighing, serialization and end-of-line solutions from METTLER TOLEDO ensure what is most important to your business – pharmaceutical process safety, transparency and fulfillment of cGMP requirements


Pharmaceutical Checkweighing to Ensure Flawless and Complete Products

Pharmaceutical production lines employ checkweighers designed to provide highest weighing accuracy and repeatability.  A checkweigher pushes manufacturing efficiencies and delivers real-time data on your process, product completeness and trends. Manufacturers can be sure that they are offering products which fully comply with cGMPs and regulations worldwide


Sophisticated Solutions for Pharmaceutical Serialization Compliance

A modular checkweighing design allows printing, optical verification and tamper evident labelling equipment to be integrated into a compact checkweigher/serialization solution. The efficient printing of a unique series of digits, data matrix codes or barcodes provides Track & Trace capabilities to meet current and future legal requirements. Tamper-evident adhesive labels are applied for maximum product safety, consumer and brand protection


End-of-Line Completeness - Checking of Multipacks

Following the pharmaceutical production process the secondary and sometimes tertiary packaging of products needs to be checked for completeness, too. Again a checkweigher provides a checkpoint for 100% of cartons and boxes at the end of the packaging line



Features and Benefits

  • Maximum product safety
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased uptime



Products and Specs

C35 Pharma

Designed for pharmaceutical production lines

The c35 Pharma checkweigher is fitted with numerous configurable options and features to meet the requirements of today's pharmaceutical production companies


Ensure Consistent Product Quality

The checkweigher system eliminates recurring errors to ensure a consistent and flawless product quality to protect consumers and brand reputation


Simple Production Line Integration

The system can be integrated into production lines with ease, variety of data communication interfaces and wide range of options


Product Safety and Consumer Protection

Lockable catch bins and smart software options guarantee increased product safety to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical companies



C35 Pharma Checkweigher Features and Benefits


Simple Integration and Smooth Operation

In your production processes - with a maximum uptime and trouble-free refitting further down the line – from the start the system architecture is designed with practical scenarios in mind


Up to 33% Higher Performance

Implies high throughput with accuracy to promote tighter manufacturing tolerances in production. Improved processes mean an increase in overall equipment effectiveness to maximise your profits

Maximum Productivity

The transfer unit which is designed for exact product transfer as well as the detection of open flaps and askew packages increase system availability and minimise production line stoppages

Maximum Process Reliability

A wide range of options – both electromechanical and software – are available, ensuring that the production processes can be controlled precisely to ensure maximum safety

Extensive Service Support

An extensive service network guarantees timely support plus availability and quick delivery of spare parts. This reduces downtime and keeps processes running smoothly



C35 Pharma Checkweigher Specification Table

Load Cell EMFR
Accuracy (at 3 Sigma) From ± 0.5g
Checkweighing Range 0 - 10 000 g
Throughput (pcs./minute) Max. 3000
Approval "Weights and Measures" / MID certifiable
Product Preset Memories D15 high performance weighing belt
Terminal Screen 15" color touchscreen TFT, 1024×768 pixels (XVGA)
Standard Sorting Device Air jet
Power 115 / 230 V ~, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, 500 VA





C33 PlusLine

Robust Performance

A throughput of up to 300 packs per minute, a weighing range from 7 g to 7.5 kg and very high weighing accuracy positions the C33 PlusLine at the forefront of checkweighing technology


Product Handling Flexibility

Highly customizable with 200 performance and productivity enhancing options. Wide selection of product handling variants to ensure smooth product flow


Performance in Challenging Environments

Designed for endurance and maximum reliability in wet, dry and harsh environments. Specialized conveyors designed to match production conditions


Data Collection to Support Compliance

More than ten data communication protocols to provide the fullest suite of data collection tools. Supports Industry 4.0 integration projects



 C33 PlusLine Features and Benefits

Advanced Metal Detector Integration

Available as a combination system with a large range of advanced Safeline Profile metal detectors to ensure that smaller footprints are achieved


Weighing Terminal (HMI)

Systems are operated from a 12" multilingual touchscreen positioned in front of the conveyer for ease of use and maximum operator safety

Weighing Technology

 Electromagnetic force restoration (EMFR) load cell, digital, maintenance-free, with temperature compensation, Swiss made

Up to 33% Higher Performance

Implies high throughput with accuracy to promote tighter manufacturing tolerances in production. Improved processes mean an increase in overall equipment effectiveness to maximise your profits

Global Service Support

An extensive global service network fully supports cross-border contracts and ensures timely support, availability, and quick delivery of spare parts. This reduces downtime and keeps production running smoothly


Specifications - Base Model Checkweigher C33

Accuracy From ± 0.5g (50 mg)
Throughput Max. 300 weighings/minute
Weighing Range 7 g - 7 500 g
Material Number (s) 24003300



StarWeigh XS Checkweigher

Laboratory Accuracy at Production line Throughput


A notable feature of the StarWeigh XS rotary stepper checkweigher is that it can be used without interupting the production line by straddling the existing conveyor: extremely simple, fast and space saving integration. The StarWeigh XS operates in an intermittent weighing cycle with a rotary product flow - optimal for upright products with a small footprint


The flexible product handling design, combined with the highly intuitive 15" colour touchscreen interface, reduces the time and effort required for product changes to an absolute minimum. Considerably less downtime. The starwheel ensures safe product handling and tracking and integrates product rejection within the intermittent rotary cycle


The industry proven, modular design can be enhanced with the full range of software options and accessories available. It is particularly service friendly, cutting maintenance time to an absolute minimum and significantly reducing downtime




  C33 PlusLine Features and Benefits

No Need to Cut the Line


No additional space is required and no modification of your production line is necessary, as the StarWeigh XS is simply installed using the existing conveyor. Fast integration, which saves time and overall investment costs


Static-intermittent Weighing at High Throughput

Multiple load cells split the overall workload, allowing more time for accurate weighing of each container. Increases accuracy without any lossess in the line throughput rate

Conforms to Pharma Requirements

Quick and easy integration into all applications where the weighing process needs to conform with pharmaceutical requirements (URS) such as CFR part 11, full traceability, audit trail and validation supporting documentation. This offers considerable time and money savings in all steps from planning through to commissioning

Automatic Re-zeroing

Debris or dirt will have no effect on your weighing results as each load cell is automatically re-zeroed once within each starwheel rotation. Ensures accurate weighing results, especially when weighing lightweight expensive products

"No tools" Starwheel Changeover

Automatic raise/lower control gives easy access for a tool-free change of the starwheel, ensuring fast changeovers of containers format and reducing downtime

The Wheel Does It All

Timing, spacing and infeed are all regulated by the rotary wheel action - this is especially important for applications running at very high speed. Saves money and installation costs, as no additional or expensive timing device is required


Specifications - StarWeigh XS Checkweigher


Load Cell EMFR
Accuracy (at 3 Sigma) from ± 0.005g
Checkweighing Range up to 2000g
Throughput (pcs./minute) max. 400
Approval "Weights and Measures" design-approval in certain countries / MID certifiable
Product Preset Memories 200
Weight Classification 3 weight zones
Terminal Screen Bright, high contrast, 1024 × 768 pixel resolution color display
Standard Sorting Device Rotary solenoid lever arm
Power 110/230 V AC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, approx. 500 VA

StarWeigh XS Checkweigher

Dynamic checkweighing, marking, verification, precision product handling and reliable sorting – the perfect combination of all processes in one compact system. The XS2 MV checkweigher combines accurate weighing, marking and vision verification control in compliance with global traceability and fraud protection requirements. The product codes printed onto the collapsible box by the printing system are verified for accuracy and legibility and serve as a key for legally required quality certificates.
The weighing section ensures highest weighing accuracy at maximum throughput and is suitable for weighing products up to 300g, allowing for the best adaptation of the technical parameters of dynamic weighing to customers' requirements.
The XS2 MV checkweigher can be easily integrated into new production lines or added to upgrade existing lines, providing a full range of functions and user-friendliness while simultaneously reducing the complexity of your packaging process.
The collapsible boxes are transferred directly from the cartoner by means of a mechanical transfer unit. Thanks to the wide range of setting options, the system can be adjusted to different box dimensions in a matter of seconds. An ink jet or laser system prints unique data such as, batch codes, expiry dates and 2D barcodes in a very high quality on the side of the collapsible box. The camera system verifies the printed data and saves this in an internal database. A dynamic weighing section ensures highest weighing accuracy to hit the target weight and ensure completeness of all products being weighed. Illegible or poor quality products are removed reliably and accurately. The easy-to-use and highly adjustable components, the central user interface for product changeover and the rapid print cartridge replacement all ensure that set-up times are kept to a minimum, ensuring maximum availability




  C33 PlusLine Features and Benefits

Expertise in Pharmaceutical Checkweighing Electromagnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) weighcell technology ensures sustained accuracy over long periods of time and minimises weighing errors caused by changes in temperature and humidity
Maximum Reliability Finely tuned system components including transfer belts, ink jet or laser printing systems and print verification cameras ensure an optimum production flow, perfect printing quality and increased line efficiency
Maximum precision Precise mechanical product transfers and reliable product sorting guarantee process reliability and a high production volume
Track & Trace Flexibility Optimum printing of unique series of digits or data matrix barcodes to meet current and future legal requirements


Other Features and Benefits

  • The XS2 MV checkweigher with its very precise mechanical product handling units and extremely reliable marking, verification and sorting devices has been designed to process high production volumes to ensure that it has no negative effect on your operating equipment effectiveness and overall line efficiency
  • The XS2 MV has been designed to function with a multitude of world leading marking and camera systems to give you the freedom to choose components from suppliers already designated by your company as “trusted partners”. This enables easier integration in your IT network and data communication protocols
  • The exact handling allows for high conveyor speeds (up to 90m/min) increasing productivity and fulfilling existing line speeds for current and future applications
  • The compact design saves valuable production floor space and allows very simple integration into new or existing pharmaceutical production lines
  • All components, which include checkweighing, ink jet printing or laser marking systems, high-resolution verification cameras, mechanical transfer units and sorting devices, have been finely tuned to work in perfect unison enabling you to meet global serialization, E-Pedigree and Track & Trace legal requirements and specifications
  • The XS2 MV can be immediately integrated into all applications where the production process needs to conform to pharmaceutical requirements such as 21 CFR part 11, full traceability, audit trail and validation supporting documentation. This offers considerable time and money savings in all steps from planning through to commissioning
  • The mechanical transfer unit is equipped with easily adjustable hand wheels for highly accurate position control enabling the system to be adjusted to different carton dimensions in a matter of seconds. This dramatically reduces downtime for product changeovers
  • Easy product changeover through highly accurate and repeatable position control
  • Worldwide network of sales- and service-engineers
  • In compliance with legislations regulations for the different track & trace concepts and open for further regulation requirements – protects your investment
  • Lockable polycarbonate collection containers, optimised for pharmaceutical products
  • Various user-selectable program languages
  • Access protection by user profiles and password
  • Modular concept, ease of servicing


Specifications - XS2 MV Checkweigher

Accuracy from ± 0.02g
Weighing Range up to 600g
Throughput max. 400


4-in-1 Solution for Highest Process Safety

A high quality advanced inspection solution integrating four processes in one compact system: the XS2 MV TE checkweighing and marking system combines ink jet printing and vision verification with highly accurate in-motion weighing and tamper evident sealing to ensure global traceability and assist fraud protection for highest process safety in pharmaceutical industry.

The product codes printed on the collapsible boxes are verified for accuracy and legibility and serve as a key for legally required quality certificates. Products up to 300 g are weighed with highest accuracy at maximum throughput.

Process safety is increased thanks to the new full enclosure with electric locks preventing access during production runs; nonetheless access to all areas is easy once the cover has been lifted. Inside deflectors and bottom plate contribute to easier and faster production line clearing.

Separate rejecting devices and catch bins collect "no read" and "off weight" products as well as askew packages


 Features and Benefits

4 Best-in-class Technologies

  • Ink-jet printer
  • Vision verification
  • Tamper evident seal applicator
  • Checkweighing

Space-saving Compact Design

Easy machine integration into customer's production  lines while less length and height space is needed

Fully-enclosed, GMP Compliant Machine Design (USP)

Full enclosure with electro-mechanic safety locks prevents access while production is running and allows for quick and easy access to all areas when cover is open. Inside deflectors and bottom plate allow for easy line clearing


Worldwide Legal Compliance

Full compliance in Track & Trace regulations and with industry good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards for quality assurance guaranteed

Flexible Product Handling

Top and bottom belt transfer units precisely transfers cartons. The Unit can be easily adjusted to different product dimensions

Pharma Software Options

  • Askew package detection monitors package orientation
  • Open flap detection rejects cartons with open flaps
  • Pharma Statistics for process optimisation


Standard product Features - XS2 MV TE

Weighing Range* Within the range 0 to 300 g, specific to product weight
Accuracy** From ±0.1 g at 3 sigma
Throughput (pieces/minute)** 300
GMP Compliance Yes
GS1 Barcode Standard Yes
Safety Checks Rejection countercheck at each catch bin, countercheck in "good products" path, "catch bin full" sensor
Adjustment Transversal adjustment for quick line alignment
Standard Sorting / Rejecting Device Air jets
Weighcell Electro-magnetic force restoration principle (EMFR)
Line Height 830 - 950mm +/- 30mm (other heights on enquiry)

*depending on the design and dimensions of the weighing belt used

**depending on the weight, dimensions and transport behaviour of the product to be weighed